Expert Committee

Since its creation, The Products of the Year have wished to surround themselves with an Expert Committee in order to guarantee transparency in its approach and its methodology.

  • The purpose of this Expert Committee, is to check the eligibility of the product to the Contest, based on the application form and – wherever possible and at the request of the Experts – through a sample.
  • The Expert Committee checks whether the product is in line with the rules and regulations.
  • The Expert Committee enhances the legitimacy of the Contest.
    The Expert Committee’s recommendations are not compulsory, but they do serve to validate applications in compliance with the rules.
  • The Expert Committee can play a consulting role on a larger scale, in particular with regard to the entry of reputational risk products.

The Expert Committee are selected from within professional organisations, universities, large business and marketing schools; the advertising and media sectors; consumers associations, spokespersons etc.

The experts co-opted for POY Israel may not under any circumstances have any conflicts of interest with participating products, companies or products/service that might enter in the Israeli market.

The Members of the Expert Committee

The members of the committee will be announced in August 2020.