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”Voted Product of The Year” is an annual contest based on consumer votes, organised by an independent credible research partner; The goal of which is to identify the most innovative products/services – according to a specific methodology – and reward the Winners with the use of a powerful marketing tool : the ”Voted Product of The Year” logo which will guide consumers in their purchasing process and thereby increasing the sales of the winning products.

Founded in Paris, in 1987, ”Voted Product of The Year” has experienced fast development worldwide, based on a License Agreements system – established with local licensees – following a unique and uniform method, thereby guaranteeing the consistency of the process at international level.
With a presence in more than 40 countries across the world, “Voted Product of the Year” is the world largest consumer-voted award for product innovation, reaching 4.5 billion consumers.


POY Worldwide SARL, Master License Owner of the Trademark ”Voted Product of The Year”, has decided to work in Israel with its new Official Licensee, sole entity legally authorised to licence the logo.
Philippe Gelder, CEO of POY Worldwide, will support the new team for the Israeli market, and will support Innovation in the local market.

Since 2004, POY Israel rewards each year, new products on the Israeli market, as voted by consumers with the famous Red Logo. The new team, will go a step further by applying the POY Worldwide Methodology and Innovations :

  • Working closely with Nielsen; one of the world’s largest research company, to provide a complete, trusted, and independent consumer survey.
    Consequently, when one will see the Product of the Year logo in the store, it will be a credible sign.
  • Be the largest consumer survey of product innovation in Israel, in 2021, with over 5.000 shoppers voting for the best innovation product, in each category.
  • 100% of the Participating Products will be tested in a real-life consumer situation.
    The product testing makes it possible to give the survey a highly qualitative dimension.
  • The products which form a category, need to offer sufficient representativeness of the category. The total market share representativity of the products, need to be established in accordance with the selection criteria of the competition and in agreement with Nielsen.
  • The Winning Products will be able to display the satisfaction rating of the consumers and/or product pledge beneath the logo.
  • Introducing the new “Voted Product of The Year” logo in Israel.
  • Closing Retail and Media Partnership deal for the Winning Products.